BYE bye Balmespi

Luca finished in Balmespi yesterday – the nursery were he has spent the last 2 years. He went in a toddler, and came out a boy. Gone is the baby fat, the baby face, and while he still wants to be lifted at times, he is my baby no more :-( But he has had so much fun and discovered so much in those 2 years….

Luca has been very lucky. Coco was his teacher in both P2 and P3 and in Coco we found a teacher who loved our little man nearly as much as his family! Kisses and hugs were common place, as was laughter and fun. We love her too, and are forever grateful for the care and attention she gave our little man.

Carlota is the woman responsible for Balmespi – the gift of creativity, wonder and adventure she had given her charges is amazing to see. Adventures to the park, library, music store, markets, grain store, farm, and so many other places were common place – with a coat and a sign there were off! And then there were the end of term shows – hours spent making all of the children’s outfits – luca has been a cowboy, and artist, a planet, and an Indian – all hand-made costumes that were amazing. The kids become an orchestra, cooked, moulded, and had blind-folded experiences. Every festival was marked. And in the end each parent got a bag full of the creations our kids did. And a book of photos – hundred of them – of just our little man.

I admit that when I first saw Balmespi I had doubts. The ratio of teacher:kids, the facilities (I wished for a garden), but it was recommended by a friend, was near the Swiss school, and i liked the look of Coco so we went with it. And while if i am honest I would not put a baby here (or anywhere), its a creative haven for kids and I am so so happy that we put Luca in this school.

There were dramas – Luca cried most morning going there for the first year – even though he loves Coco, he wanted mama and papa. But he was fine after a few minutes. This changed as he got older, we got a happy goodbye kiss as he ran into class.

He made friends – Todd, Nico and Kai are names that maybe forget in time, but right now, they are firmly in his mind.

He learnt to swim! Those 2 years of classes paid off and at 3 years of age he was swimming without arm bands, happily jumping into the deep end as I hold my breath!

I can feel the tears well as I write this. Not just because of the end of an era, but also because I know how lucky Luca has been. We know that Luca was not an easy baba, but in Balmespi he got the attention (and at times firmness (thanks Carlota!)) he needed, and I so very proud of the little man he has become.

Thank you so much Carlota, coco and also Fanny, Kandy and Montse for your influence in my sons development. We are in your debt. Video of end of year play









20130803-193147.jpgLuca and his ladies